At the Louisville Legends Amateur Boxing Club we met with boxer Earl Heyman and his trainer James Doolin. Heyman attended Ballard High School and played as a defensive tackle for the University of Louisville from 2005-2007. Today he is training to become a professional boxer. Doolin expects Earl to make his professional fighting debut sometime in 2013, a debut that Heyman hopes to make in Louisville, KY. Ironically, Heyman’s trainer James Doolin is an outspoken, diehard Kentucky Wildcats fan despite attending the University of Louisville. The two rib each other in good humor for the cameras as Earl does sit-ups and shadow boxes. Red V. Blue weaves slice-of-life stories with interviews of former coaches and players to highlight the extraordinary circumstances that helped create and sustain one of the nation’s fiercest college rivalries.


Check out some production stills from our interviews with Matt Jones, Mike Rutherford, Pat Forde and UK superfan Ken Curlas. Ken is a member of the 101 club, a service organization which dedicates itself to furthering the University of Kentucky. Members of the 101 club are instantly recognizable by their distinct blue blazers, and you’ll see them at every UK home game sprinkled around Rupp Arena. Ken is an alumnus of the University of Kentucky and has an entire wing of his house decorated in Wildcats memorabilia. Ken was kind enough to invite us into his home where he spoke about the old days of Memorial Coliseum, the transition from Adolf Rupp to Joe B. Hall, the 101 club, and the 2012 national championship, among other topics.

In Louisville, KY, our cameras go inside WAG’s barbershop, a “divided” establishment where UK and Louisville fans once sat side by side. Boone clipped the Wildcat fans, and Mark Wagner and Mark Wagner Jr. clipped the Cardinals supporters. You may remember them from Adam Lefkoe’s “The Rivalry” YouTube channel.

After the 2012 UK national championship, the barbers butted heads, and Boone struck out on his own. “Designed by Miracles” was the result, a barbershop with an interior painted entirely blue and white about twenty blocks east of WAG’s on Broadway Avenue in downtown Louisville. For Red V. Blue we check in with Boone and the Wagner family before reuniting the barbers for a passionate debate on UK-UofL basketball.

Adam Lefkoe Added as Producer

Posted: November 19, 2012 in news
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If you hadn’t heard yet, we are making it official. WHAS sports anchor Adam Lefkoe has been brought on as a producer of “Red V Blue.” Adam is an invaluable asset to the team, particularly given his background with his popular “The Rivalry” YouTube channel, so we are excited to combine our powers 🙂


So I just came across this photo on the web of the late great Tupac Shakur rocking some old school Louisville Cardinals 90s gear. Now we all know about UK and their big celebrity fans like Drake and Jay Z. Less known is which celebrities support the Louisville Cardinals. Well, as far as famous fans go, there can be few greater than the late Tupac Shakur. Too bad Tupac isn’t around to interview for the documentary, but hey, shit happens. What other celebrity fans does Big Red have? Let us know in the comments!


Last week’s Red V Blue production shoot couldn’t have been more fruitful. The week started out with an interview with Coach Denny Crum, who led the Louisville Cardinals to two national championships. The next day we sat down with Coach Joe B. Hall, who led the Kentucky Wild Cat to a national championship both as a coach and a player. Then we were off to Paintsville in eastern Kentucky where we interviewed some local diehard fans. Friday night we finished off the trip by interviewing WHAS sports anchor Adam Lefkoe in Louisville, who rocked out some great stories in between his TV spots. Stay tuned for further developments.

Wade came across this cool compilation of facts about Kentucky basketball on ESPN Classic’s website. Here I have picked out some of my favorites. Did you know that the state of Kentucky is second only to California among states with NCAA championships? California has 15; Kentucky 9.

The Louisville List

  • Louisville is undefeated when it scores a 100 points or more. They are 88-0.
  • The Cardinals scored a school-record 132 points against George Mason in 1994, posting a 132-87 win.
  • Louisville was held to a school-record three points by the Louisville YMCA in 1912. The Cardinals suffered a 35-3 loss.
  • Freedom Hall was named “Best floor to play on” by ESPN’s College Basketball magazine in 1995.
  • Did you know that Denny Crum is an avid reader and collector of Louis L’Amour westerns?
  • Pervis “Never Nervous” Ellison holds the school record for dunks in a game. He slammed it through seven times against South Alabama in 1988.
  • Louisville has had two players go in the first round of the NBA draft twice — in 1989 with Pervis Ellison (1st overall) and Kenny Payne (19th) and in 1994 with Clifford Rozier (16th) and Greg Minor, 25th.

The Kentucky List

  • Basketball at Kentucky reportedly started when W.W.H. Mustaine called together some students, took up a collection totaling $3 for a ball and told them to start playing. There was no official coach from 1903 until 1910. Managers ran the team.
  • The Wildcats have the unique distinction of having a tie on their all-time record. In 1918, a game was ruled a tie after a scorer’s error was discovered after the game.
  • Kentucky longest home-winning streak is 129 games. It started in 1943 and ended in 1955. Since then, the longest home streak has been a mere 33 games from 1992 to 1994
  • The Wildcats have had just one losing record in 72 seasons. Kentucky went 13-19 in 1989, its first losing mark in 61 seasons.
  • Kentucky had five players selected in the first rounds of the 1996 and 1997 NBA drafts. Antoine Walker (6th), Tony Delk (16th) and Walter McCarty (19th) went in 1996 while Ron Mercer (6th) and Derek Anderson (13th) were selected in 1997.
  • Long-time Kentucky coach Adolph Rupp is second on the all-time win list with 876. Only North Carolina’s Dean Smith has more victories with 879.